President's Letter


September, 2017.

The first round of the Club Championship is finished and I hope you all did well. In September we have the second round of the Club championship at Crazy Horse Ranch on the 7th, then we are at Eagle Ridge on the 14th, then Delaveaga on the 21st and finishing the month at Monterey Pines on the 28th.

The Board of Directors is looking for a new Secretary. Peter Tyzack is the current Secretary and will be leaving the club at the end of the year. This position involves taking notes at the Board of Directors meetings and distribution to the Board members. Some basic computer expertise in Word and email is needed. Please email me back if you are interested in this position. It’s a good way of becoming involved in the inner workings of the club.

Mark Tompkins has been working on putting together an online tee time system which will be on our MBSGA website near the first of the year. This system will allow all members to sign in and enter their tee time requests for upcoming tournaments. Other courses such as Coyote Creek, Spring Valley, and Cinnabar use the same system for their members. It will be tailored to our club and should be a good addition to our website. We will provide training on this feature for all members. More on this in future letters and emails.

As I said last month, the Board of Directors are continuing to work on next year’s tournament schedule. We are hoping to get 1 or 2 new courses for our members. More news on this in the month.

And a Joke.

Four old men went into the pro shop after playing 18 holes of golf.
The pro asked, "Did you guys have a good game today?"
The first old guy said, "Yes, I had three riders today."
The second old guy said, "I had the most riders ever. I had five."
The third old guy said, "I had seven riders, the same as last time.
The last old man said, "I beat my old record. I had 12 riders today."
After they went into the locker room, another golfer who had heard the old guys talking about their game went to the pro and said, "I've been playing golf for a long time and thought I knew all the terminology of the game, but what’s a rider?"
The pro said, A" rider is when you hit the ball far enough to actually get in the golf cart and ride to it."

Here’s hoping everyone has a good golf month / year.
Rick King