President's Letter


January, 2020

I wish everyone Happy Holidays and healthy New Year.

Listed below are the next 6 outings

  • January 3 — Los Lagos — Table Crew, H. Tafarrodi
  • January 9 — Eagle Ridge — Table Crew, C. Williams
  • January 16 — Laguna Seca — Table Crew , M. Carbaugh
  • January 22 — Coyote Creek — Table Crew, A. Wong
  • January 30 — Aptos Seascape — Table Crew, J. Hooper
  • February 3 — San Jose Country Club — Table Crew R. Parker (MONDAY)

The new 2020 schedule is on the MBSGA website on the tournaments page. We will have "Golf Outings" at San Jose Country Club on 2/3 and Boulder Ridge on 4/20 and 11/16. Each of those outings mean that the price for each of these will be $70 instead of $75 and NO prizes will be awarded. We will need 40 players at each of those so be sure to sign up.

The board of directors is looking for a new member so if interested in the operations of our club please email me back and we can talk about what the position entails.

The big news in 2020 are rules changes is the world handicap system. The actual implementation will be on January 1, 2020. For most golfers who use the USGA Handicap System there will be little change. The current system computes your 10 best scores from your 20 most recent rounds. Under the new system only your top eight rounds will count toward your handicap, so if those 9th and 10th best rounds aren't so hot, expect your index to improve. The 96% multiplier that existed in the old handicap system no longer exists, which should make calculating index changes in your head a bit easier for those quick with numbers. More on the new handicap system at a later time.

A couple of Scottish golf jokes

The old golfer paced anxiously up and down outside the emergency room of the East Lothian Hospital near Muirfield Golf Course. Inside the doctors were operating to remove a golf ball accidentally driven down a player's throat. The sister&ndashin–charge noticed the old golfer and went to reassure him. ”It won't be long now,” she said. ”You're a relative? ”No, no, lassie. It's my ball”.

One day, a Scotsman went playing golf. After standing a while on the green he asked the boy standing beside him: "You are my caddie for today?" "Yes," answered the boy. "You are good in finding lost balls?" "Oh yes, I find every lost ball!" "Okay, boy, then run and search for one, then we can start!<".

Have a good Christmas and New Year.
Rick King