President's Letter


January, 2018

The tournaments coming up in January are at Los Lagos on the 4th , and Eagle Ridge on the 11th ,Laguna Seca on the 18th, and Coyote Creek (Valley Course) on the 25th.

Our 2018 tournament schedule has been firmed up, and in addition to the previous year’s tournaments we have Spring Valleyin Milpitas, and Boulder Ridge in San Jose as new courses on the schedule. Note that we took out San Jose Muni becausewe couldn’t get a good rate for walkers on their course so we will look for another course for the 12/6/2018tournament. Suggestions are always welcome

Mark Tompkins has implemented our new online tee time system and has put it on our MBSGA website as the link "Tournament Signup Portal". It was active December 21st for members to sign up for the next 2 tournaments which were at that time Los Lagos 1/4 and Eagle Ridge 1/11. Beginning January 4th members will be able to sign up for the Laguna Seca tournament on January 18th and January 11th members can sign up for tee time at Coyote Creek, etc. Online signups will be closed 2 days before each tournament. This is to allow the Tournament Director time to let the course know the number of participants. If the online signups have closed and there are available slots, email the Tournament Director and ask to be included. If you have any questions on this new feature to the MBSGA website please email myself or Mark Tompkins.

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a tee time user guide created by Connie Leas to all the members. If you didn’t receive itor would like another copy please email me back and I’ll send you one.

To make the tournament registration desk work it is very important that the table crew person show up about 1/2 hour prior to thestart of the tournament and be in one of the last two tee times. If you are unable to show up please email me or the tournamentdirector that you won’t be attending.

As you know Ken Peterson has retired and all of us wish him well. He has been our tournament director for the last 25 years,certainly deserves a rest and will be missed.

And here are some New Year’s resolutions from other golfers.

"Try to eliminate stupid shots (i.e. big duffs) and keep nerves under control (when being watched by other groups)." -- Richard Larsen.

"Be more consistent one day I’ll shoot even par or better and the next I&rsqo;m 12 over. It gets pretty exhausting." -- Austin Eugene Doughty.

"To quit worrying about my score so much throughout the round. But my goal is to break 70 for the first time" -- John Bergmann.

"More consistent, and to break 80." -- Joseph Alvarado.

"Shoot in the 80s consistently." -- Kenny Howard Britzius.

"To hit as many greens as possible." -- Stu Sinclair.

Here’s hoping everyone has a happy and safe holidays.
Rick King