President's Letter


October, 2019

Listed below are the next 7 2019 tournaments with table crew.

  • October 3 — Monterey Pines — Table Crew, D. Stypula
  • October 10 — Del Monte — Table Crew, A. Hwu
  • October 17 — San Juan Oaks — Table Crew, R. Gardner
  • October 24 — Spring Hills — Table Crew, D. Ira
  • October 28 — San Jose Country Club — Non — Tournament (Monday)
  • October 31 — Salinas Fairways — Table Crew , A. Letts
  • November 7 — Los Lagos — Table Crew, C. Benjamin

The October 24 tournament will be our annual meeting at Spring Hills. There will be raffle prizes, food and beverages. I urge everyone to come to this event, it should be lots of fun.

Monty has set up an informal MBSGA event golf outing at San Jose Country Club on October 28th. This will not be an official MBSGA tournament and there will be no scoring or prizes. We will be joined by the SIRS35 group which was the same group as Boulder Ridge earlier this year. It will be a Shotgun start at 10:00 am and the cost will be $70.00 with a cart. Sign–ups are already open and can be found by clicking on the "Future Tournaments" button on the MBSGA Tournament Signup Portal. We currently have 37 members signed up and need 48 to proceed with the event. We encourage all to join in on this unique opportunity. Contact me or Monty Ross if you have any questions.

We recently had a board meeting and here are a couple of notes. We will be renewing our memberships with NCGA prior to the end of the year so please renew as soon as possible after receiving the notice from Speed Leas. We seem to be having declining memberships both on for our tournaments and the club in general so if you have the chance, talk up Monterey Bay Seniors your friends and acquaintances. Finally I was asked to remind members to hole out every putt. This keeps us all on the same page.

A Couple of Golf Games for those days when your arenít playing with Monterey Bay Seniors

This is a great game for a group of players with different skill levels. Bingo is the first player to reach the green, no matter how many shots it takes; bango is the closest to the pin after everyone has reached the green; bongo is the first one in the hole. Each accomplishment is worth one point, with three points per hole. Higher handicappers with good short games often do well, while lower handicap players who hit straighter and longer drives often have the easiest approach shots. It usually evens out in the end but can be exciting nonetheless.

There are lots of variations to this, but basic wolf (works with three or more players) has each player taking turns being the wolf on a hole. Some play with the wolf teeing off first, others last, but the wolf gets to pick a partner after he or she sees the tee shot of each player. Most require the wolf to make a decision on a partner right after that player's tee shot, gambling on whether or not the remaining player(s) will hit a good tee shot. This gets particularly interesting on par 3s. If the wolf decides to not pick any partner –– and take on the other players in the group by his or her own self –– the bet is doubled. If the wolf decides beforehand to go lone wolf before seeing any of the other players' shots, it's called lone wolf, and the bet is quadrupled. This often happens near the end of a round when a player is desperate to get even.

Have a good golfing month.
Rick King