President's Letter


November, 2019

Listed below are the next 7 2019 tournaments with table crew.

  • November 7 — Los Lagos — Table Crew, C. Benjamin
  • November 14 — Aptos — Table Crew, R. Nabbefeld
  • November 21 — Laguna Seca — Table Crew, G. Esswein
  • December 5 24 — Coyote Creek (Valley) — Table Crew, G. Boortz
  • December 9 — Boulder Ridge — Table Crew, E. Austin (Monday)
  • December 19 31 — Crazy Horse — Table Crew , B.Clem

This will be a short letter.

By now you should have received your membership renewal notice from Speed Leas. If you haven’t mailed yours in with a check please do as soon as possible. Also you should put in your request for table duty for the 2020 tournaments.

Last month we had our annual meeting at Spring Hills. We enjoyed a warm day with golf, food and a drink afterwards. Also we gave away some raffle items and elected the current board of directors for 2020. If you see our board members during your golf rounds say thanks for their efforts in this year and the year to come.

Hopefully you had a good time at San Jose Country Club on October 28th. No promises that it will happen at this point but Monty is working on getting them on our schedule next year.

A joke on Club Selection

For most of the round the golfer had argued with his caddy about club selection, but the caddy always prevailed.

Finally on the 17th hole, a 185-yard par three into the wind, the caddy handed the golfer a 4-wood and the golfer reacted.

"I think it's a 3-iron," said the golfer.

"No, sir it's a 4-wood," said the caddy.

"Nope, it's definitely a 3-iron."

So the golfer set up, took the 3-iron back slowly, and struck the ball perfectly. It tore through the wind, hit softly on the front of the green, and rolled up two feet short of the pin.

"See," said the caddy. "I told you it wasn't enough club."

Have a good Thanksgiving and a golfing month.
Rick King