President's Letter


September, 2019

Listed below are the next 6 2019 tournaments with table crew.

  • September 5 — Crazy Horse — Table Crew, W. Roit
  • September 12 — Crazy Horse — Table Crew, L. Fleischer
  • September 19 8 — Eagle Ridge — Table Crew, R D Patel
  • September 26 — Aptos — Table Crew, M. Duncan
  • October 3 — Monterey Pines — Table Crew, D. Stypula
  • October 10 — Del Monte — Table Crew, A. Hwu

Our first two September dates are at Crazy Horse and our 2 round club championship so be sure to sign up. When posting your scores please post them as ”tournament” or T type of scores. Please use the course provided scorecards, be sure to have 2 signatures on the back, and start and stop times.

We had a mix up for the second round of the eclectic tournament at Aptos scheduled for August 29th so it has been moved to September 26th. At the last minute we were able to put our group at Pajaro on the 29th so I hope it didn't cause too much confusion or problems.

Monty has set up an informal MBSGA event golf outing at San Jose Country Club on October 28th. This will not be an official MBSGA tournament and there will be no scoring or prizes. We will be joined by the SIRS35 group which was the same group as Boulder Ridge earlier this year. It will be a Shotgun start at 10:00 am and the cost will be $70.00 with a cart. Sign–ups are already open and can be found by clicking on the ”Future Tournaments” button on the MBSGA Tournament Signup Portal. We currently have 29 members signed up and need 48 to proceed with the event. We encourage all to join in on this unique opportunity. Contact me or Monty Ross if you have any questions.

A Few Golf Facts

  • 125K Golf balls are hit into the water at the 17th hole of the Stadium Co”urse at Sawgrass each year.
  • The French word ”Cadet” (cad-DAY) means” youngest child and is where the word ”Caddy” comes from.
  • A golf ball will travel further on hot days because the air is less dense, so it takes less velocity to travel.
  • Golf ball used to be made from leather and chicken or goose feathers. One ball would cost $10–20.
  • Only 20% of golfers have a handicap below 18.
  • Only two sports have ever been played while on the moon. One is golf and the other is the javelin throw.
  • Longest recorded drive was 515 Yards.
  • Golf is an excellent workout that burns calories while promoting greater muscle mass. According to the health and fitness website, a typical 190–pound golfer will burn 431 calories per hour — assuming he or she is walking the course instead of riding a golf cart.

Have a good golfing month.
Rick King