President's Letter


November, 2018

The tournaments coming up in November are at Los Lagos on the 1st, Aptos on the 8th, Laguna Seca on the 15th and Coyote Creek Valley Course on the 29th.

We are continuing to work on the 2019 tournament schedule. We have secured The Villages for 2/20, Old Del Monte later in the year, and are still working on getting confirmations on some others. Hopefully we will have the schedule confirmed before the end of the month. It looks like it will be a good year.

Don Stansfield has a couple of items that he is willing to donate to the club. They are a Titlist golf bag he won at the 2016 Spring Hills BBQ which he has never used and a golf stand that can be used in the garage to store your bag and supplies. Email me back if you are interested in either of these items and I'll send you a picture. If you would like either of them I'll arrange for pickup or delivery.

Chuck Frank will be departing the club shortly and moving out of the area. We wish him well and congratulate him on all the great things he has done for the club.

And a joke.

Joe was getting on in years and his eyesight was getting so bad he couldn't see his shots land any more. He was so frustrated losing golf balls he was considering giving up the game. He was complaining about this to the course pro who told him, "I've got the solution. A new guy just joined the club and he's looking for someone to play with. He's about your age and retired also, and it came up in conversation that he has perfect eyesight."

The pro pairs them up and they head for the first tee. Joe hits his drive and says to his partner," Did you see where that one went?"

"Yup" came the reply.

"Well, where did it go?" asked Joe.

"I forgot."

Have a good Thanksgiving and a good golfing month.
Rick King